The Big Deal

I have been absent due to tying to get myself together for the final. SO see attachment for what I am working on.



I did not get to post like I thought I would.  School last night,  my part B is in my book bag. My book bag is my car,  my car is up the hill, I am tired.  I will post it by Sunday.

I Must!

Okay, I know it’s late on Saturday, but I had to get some new tires so I can keep driving out of town at night, to go to school! Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the nights and weekend program that allows me to continue to work while I go to school. Thinking ahead to Christmas, makes it hard to study. But

I must! I must!

This education is in my trust!

Hit those books!

Make that post!

I must, I must, I must!


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Goofing Off

Goofing off tonight, probably should be studying.  No HA activity to do, no case study to do.  What is a student to Do?

Watching TV and posting to this.   Fred and I set up the propane heater today, getting ready for the coming cold weather in Northeast Georgia.  My daughter is working for a crazy company and going to nursing school with me.  She and I are gonna do a marathon study session for The Big Deal on Saturday.  We need the practice.  So it will be good to do.

But tonight I am contemplating going to bed at 10:00 for a change.

Let’s add lpn2RN too, get back to your routine and study!


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The Big Deal!

It won’t be long until finals.  What we are most worried about is our assessment finals.  We have to do a mini head to toe assessment, and then draw straws for either neuro, respiratory, musculoskeletal, or heart.  Hoping, praying for either lungs of heart!  Feel good about these systems, not so good about the rest.  My daughter who is going through this program with me, and I plan to practice, practice, practice this Saturday.

Got the date last night for The Big Deal, 11/22/14 @ 4:15.  Pray for us that we pass this Big Deal!

                                                                                      Halloween is coming, gonna be giving out candy on Friday night in Normal Town while the grandkiddies Trick or Treat!                              



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